About Us

Our mission: We are on a mission to help people live their best life, one morning at a time. 

Our bios:

Monica Toomey is a productivity expert, entrepreneur and cofounder of a nonprofit. She has a bachelors in psychology and a lifelong passion for personal and professional development. She has moved over a dozen times as an adult and loves meeting new people, exploring new places and learning new things. The journal is a passion project that began in her youth. Early on she recognized how her "Dear Diary entries" helped her work through life's challenges.  Now she takes her life experiences and journaling approach to help others create a better morning routine that taps into their deeper purpose and passions and live their most meaningful life.

Lila Lazarus, a former Detroit news anchor and health reporter for over thirty years, is a professional speaker, acclaimed emcee and moderator. She is also an “adventure junkie,” with a passion for living a life of courage without regrets; it’s a mindset that is infused into every waking moment and into every talk. . . inspiring people wherever she goes. Whether she’s presenting to a group of ten or to a thousand, Lila’s infectious energy, humor and quick wit keeps her audiences laughing and learning. By far, she is not a morning person, but she has always loved journalizing and believes in the power of a morning routine that prepares you to have a very good day. Lila is on a mission to help you live your best life.